Thursday, December 02, 2004

Home Alone

I am Home Alone and I am loving it. Its quite a nice break to be left to yourself.First off my productivity at work increased.Quite a good thing to do occasionally.(The inertia lies in starting the damn editor/browser/shell and boom!).I finally yanked out some time for catching up with my final exam and have some nice idea for the class project due on the 15th.

That being said when I usually come home, my roomie and me try spending the time at the driving range,tennis court, pool table or TT depending on the season of the year. Now That's something I miss because its kind of convoluted process to find another sports enthusiast. The time usually spent in chatting up is now used for reading books like Guns,Germs and Steel. There is a great pleasure in cooking while listening to the radio with no interruption.You can surprise your co-workers by sending some additional stuff at Midnight making you seem work hard(while the reality is that you are hardly working!).

Then its time to catch up on your long awaited list of movies.Yesterday I watched Hero (Chinese Movie). It has some Zen-like philosophy and some excellent screenplay.Presented by none other than Quentin Tarantino.Today I watched The Legend Of Suriyothai(Thai Movie) presented by Francis Ford Coppola.There's something to be said for watching a movie in a language you dont understand. Occasionally I tried to turn the subtitles off just to see how much meaning could be grasped in the native version.In fact the Thai movie can easily be related by any avid Indian movie buff.

Its just been two days, so let me see how this goes for a fortnight. In a fortnight lets see what all could be accomplished :
(a) Finsh the semester with flying colors
(b) Be the "Golden Boy"
(c) I will move into a new office space with modular furniture and no one to snoop around.
(d) My roomie will be married and hence will move into a new apartment
(e) Take some time in Solitude to hear myself again and think where I wanna go to next year

Sheesh! Thats quite a list to prove in a matter of fortnight but what life is worth living without atleast one unreachable target...

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Geetanjali said...

Now I want to see the movie - sp after your comment on Handmaid's Tale! BTW, Thx for that book reco!