Sunday, December 05, 2004

Poet Completed

Visu tied the knot today. Pop sent me a text message assuring me that the ceremony was a grand success. I thanked Pop for attending it on my behalf and hosted a lunch for my ex-roomie's family.Quite a luncheon to celebrate his getting hitched.

I dont know how many clicked their way to this blog I have titled Poetic Incompleteness. Its author is my roomie and friend. He also maintains his pcitures at this blog called Cubic Shadow.
Since he doesnt accept comments on his sites, Please feel free(or cheap) to drop any wishes/communication as comments on this post, which you can be sure will reach him.

The reason I am publicising above is because I am pretty positive that he would be thinking "If I had a woman like this, my blogs wouldnt not have been so wistful". His wife is going to be the only star in the universe ,he has just created. I hope she will be the end of of his wandering( He was never lost just wandering). From now, if there is a tad bit sadness in his blog it will be because of the prospect of losing her and not otherwise.

I still say to myself when I am down or when being forced to listen to some pompous half-witted person "Well, I have done something that you could have never done, and that is to have colloborated with Visu on something like equal terms".

Visu, I can safely say that "It is an honor to be perceived as your equal".

Here's to You!! Cheers!


Geetanjali said...

Hey..I have been to that blog a few times...and felt VERY VERY frustrated that I couldn't leave I know what to do next time!:-)

PS Why didn't you say this earlier?

Paddy said...

[Gee] Thanks!This is ammunition for me! Keep going..

>PS Why didn't you say this earlier?

There's a time for everything and everything has a time.

Anonymous said...

The feeling is mutual
A resonance between waves coequal