Friday, December 17, 2004

The Solution

The Solution, so it seems, is Contentment. Being Content with what you have instead of wondering if you deserve better. Well.It will take a lot of time to figure out what the problem is.

In the past few weeks I have been trying to discern a pattern in all those around working around me.The problem was it seemed that everbody seems happy around while I was not.The final delta (read difference) between me and them was that these guys carried a sense of permenance and a sense of status quo.For me I always had this nomadic sense of wandering constantly bothering me and the tendency to rock the boat was not helping me cause either. People seemed to settle down in their molds pretty comfortably with some assurance that things are going to be the safe and stable if they stick to their guns.

This epiphany struck me when I was reading an email today. The exact words were that I have written sometime back in my treatment of Class 4 types which were boomeranged on me "you know this feeling won't last". That exactly seems to be the one causing the issues I have had lately. People need something to cling on , something to be true in the ever changing world, something comforting, something to lean on, something dependable like a rock and so on..Hmm. This episode reminded me of the story in "A Bug's Life" where the protagonist is Flik , a misfit ant whose sole desire in life is "to make a difference". In the climax when he loses steam and about to give up the two bird characters whom he inspired, come back with his own lines to rejuvenate him.I feel that kind of a sudden sense of liberty. YoooHooo.. I am back( In the Voice of Schwarznegger). A typical repartee to that from my co-worker is that "Okay, I will be Beethoven" ..Go figure

Coming to other things, I love Christmas lucheons and dinners. Free as in Beer and Food. I checked out some nice food and had fish like Mahi Mahi, Tilapia and even an exotic dish that served an oxtail marinated in walnut sauces. I did throw one at a new resutaurant serving Cocina Mexicana.Awesome.The restaurant was called "Oyamel", named for a tree in Mexico where Monarch butterflies land amidst their lengthy migration. They had a nice suspension of plastic butterflies in the middle of hall creating that illusion.Everything is like an appetizer out there.Enjoyed it so much that I went for lunch out there today..Of course there is only so much to be said for Taste and Appetite.

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Anonymous said...

Everbody 'seems' happy.

Each has a different celerity
And you shall know your velocity
It takes a life time for some
To see their rocks melt and turn to foam.