Saturday, April 16, 2005


What if a lie serves a higher purpose than truth?


perspective said...


Primalsoup said...

That's the problem with being bad and practice vices, it feels very good. Obviously, the devil does a darned sight better job than the god person!

Paddy said...

[Anya] I did.

[Bonnie] I happened to realise that the devil person bets on the god person to do his job right :)

Priyanka said...

uh..and who may you be to decide whether a "higher purpose" is being served- or whether a person should be sheltered from the truth..????

Paddy said...

[Pri] Good Question. I am me to decide it.Assume that the creator created man in his own image, then everyone is equally as powerful as the creator and hence the decision lies with me.

Coming to a question of deciding if the person be shielded from the truth, that is definitely arrogance on my part.Yes. Truly arrogant to think that I can but not the other person.

gvenum said...

Lie always serves a higher purpose than the truth if you are in the fourth quadrant(-ve zone) of a co-ordinate plane(life) which is where you were when you had this thought. So move North you will find all positives.:)

Anonymous said...

It did
Eminence of the truth, indeed.
What purpose greater could I think of sire
While serving its sentence, dire.


Geetanjali said...

Is it still a lie in that sense if it helps heal a wound, prevent a war, serve a higher purpose? Aren't lies supposed to be destructive? Or am I looking for justifications?

I say, lie.

Paddy said...

[Venu] You didnt forget ASTC (All Silver Tea Cups) then.,,

[7~] Ashwatthamah Hatah Kunjarahah!

[Gee] As I said earlier, I did.I am not sure if I worry about the consequences like 'constructive' or 'destructive' as long as it serves the 'right' purpose.