Friday, April 15, 2005

The Tropic Of Cancer

She : Have you come over for the weekend?
Me: Yeah! Arent you excited or something.(Gleeful Grin accompanying those words)
She: Dont you have your own home or something?
Me: Yes. I do.
S: I hate you.I would like you staying at your own place. Please go away.
M: Are you asking me to get out?
S: Yeah !
M: May I ask you what is the reason for you hating me so badly.
S: Because you are weird!
M: In what way?
S: You talk differently, the things that you do...
M: What are the things that seem to make me look weird to you.
S: Because you Smoke.
M: Ahh ! I see. I will leave by tommorow morning then.
S: Why dont you leave now.

The above transcript is an excerpt from the chat I had with aunt's 10 year old daughter.So I am here back in my home writing this post.To say the least, I was disturbed. (I know some people think this is a good thing to happen to me but thats another issue)

The other weirdness she was referring to is to dismantle her sense of security in numbers as taught by her teacher. I asked her 1+1 and she said 2. Asked her similar tautologies like 1 chair + 1 chair and 1 fruit + 1 fruit.Finally asked her 1 cloud + 1 cloud and she was in a fix.Apparently "Cloud Arithmetic" is something that her teacher hasn't taught her.Something makes me feel like a trilobite.

I am frankly taken back at these kids who never shy away from speaking their mind I also read somewhere that its a bad idea to force people to change their own judgement about something. What bothered me was the way she fervently inherited a take based on someone else's prejudices.

I see this everyday.Being a smoker is like being a pariah in The US. Europe seems to have more relaxed stand on this issue.(I could say that because everytime on my home I found that I can smoke pretty much anywhere I like in airports like Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris).

Lets say, by chance, if a bunch of Smokers do come around you'll see an instant bonding of fraternity. But if you try reading the mindset of the onlookers it goes something like
"Gee...See this species of nicotine burners in their natural habitat". I got used to it but it was disheartening to be given a hard time because of this preference.

Update: Muahhahahahaha.. I have finally managed to give up the demon :)


perspective said...

ouch! that hurt.
Why do you smoke paddy?
I know i used to ... i still do once in a while...the temptation comes back even when i speak of it (like now)..but i have personally learnt to push it away... i like control over myself and i cant accept me getting addicted to anything in particular... (cant accept me out of control for material things),...strange ain't it?

Paddy said...

> ouch! that hurt.

Really !

>Why do you smoke paddy?
I wish I knew. Good Question.Next Question.

I am exactly opposite in the sense that give me a lifelong addiction and I'll be very happy to be doing it. Saves me from a lot of hassles :)

Anonymous said...

Cellularization of the mind
A small leak would storm the walls in the end.


A. Diddy said...

oh not nice....I like to take the occassional puff or two (esp. during finals or midterms), but past few months I've learned to control the urge....good test of willpower :)

Hang in there!