Friday, April 08, 2005

Stream Of Consciousness

Another year here on the doorstep.Okay how many different names did this culture have for naming the years.Only 60. After that what? Comes a full cycle. Why not stop at 20 like the Mayans.Or better yet stay at 8 or some single digit number.makes it easier to remember. Or did we inherit that from the Bablyonians.Remember they were the earliest recorded fellows to follow sexagesimal system. Does that imply there might have been better systems that have not been recorded or worse fell through the cracks in reaching us and lost forever.No.That cant be.Something makes me believe anything scientific, anything out there will always be discovered by each civilisation in their own way but it is 'Art' thats unique in that, if lost once, its lost forever.The science part recurs.Art occurs only once and hence the need to be recorded immediately.Can subjective experience be classified under 'Art' then.Or does it need to be expressed to become Art.

Oh ! I digress.Come to the point.The "Culture".Not the bacteria/pencillin kinds but the other thing.Whats the root of it? In this example, the earliest mention about the origin could be traced to "Aitareya Brahmana". Viswamitra's 100 sons (man, what a fertile fellow for guy who did penance for 1000 years) who were jealous of his adoption created an entire race. Bad Decisions ever since. Lets take Mahabharata. This culture fought on the wrong side, namely the Kauravas. Naipaul called these fellas as an example in "retrogressing civilisation" when he visited the country in late 1950s.

Enough said. Shut your trap and listen to something.It is said that Music soothes more than the savage beast.


Primalsoup said...

Hey, Happy New Year! Hope you have a fabulous year.

I love that thing about how science recurs, while 'art' does not! My feeling is that art is not an ambiguous entity and subjective experiences ought to be kept out.

You sure do manage to post some really interesting stuff.

Primalsoup said...

Oh and when i say 'interesting' (considering its versatality), I mean just that, something that catches one's interest! :)

Paddy said...

[Bonnie] Have a Fun-tastic year! Noted your stance on the 'art' thing. Now I am not sure as to what the heck was going between my ears last night.

Thanks for the clarification of 'interesting'.That helps.I hope you are all cheered up after that gloomy 'some one' incident.

Geetanjali said...

Stream of Consciosness was an apt title for this post! Had a tough time hanging onto the flow in this one! ;-)

Your last line made me think of English August's recent post on Music...

PS The Hot Link is really cool!