Saturday, December 09, 2006

Movie Reviews

Since it was raining today, I had finished watching two well executed movies back to back.

South from Granada is a movie based on the real life experiences of author Gerald Brenan. It has echoes of One Hundred years of solitude and one of the spanish tracks is a perfect treat for the ears. Its something to watched over a rainy day sipping coffee.

Thank You for Smoking is a brilliant masterpiece of spin in current day US. Mind you, it has effective debate techniques and other educational pieces thoughout involving your grey cells all the time you are watching the movie. One of the best things in this flick is when the protoganist's son is asked to write an essay about "Why is America the best managed place on planet earth?". It has a very interesting answer that finds a resonance in me. The keyword is to "love" your job well enough that you would do anything to get things done. Go watch this right now and you would see my point. Another movie in the same kind of genre but more of a drama thing was this femmy one called The Contender.

Now I need to hunt for more titles.

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