Friday, December 01, 2006

Snappy Preview

In this google dominated world of search you hardly ever hear of other sites that can actually stand ground and be different. Bill Gross actually was the father of the AdWords idea and Google added the auction twist to this and now makes tons of money. He however made his stuff via Overture and now is spinning his wheels in the next venture called "Snap".

I love Snap and its folks for their refreshingly nice design of the site. Whats more, in Google you pay by clicks whereas Snap takes it to the next level where you pay for an ad only when an actual sale is made following this lead. What more can you ask for as a merchant when you want to do targeted marketing.

Why am I blogging about it now? For one, they are one my most pleasant and a very tech-savvy smart customers. More than that they recently released this feature called "Preview" which is what I incorporated for my links. It works great for in blog sneak peek at whats there without going to the site while making it neasy to search as well.

Keep up the excellent work, Snap folks.

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