Friday, January 19, 2007


Thats an Armenian word for "New Year" . Its also the name of a deli just outside my office and they just announced today that they are closing :( So sad. Its run by a wife and husband and I regularly have my lunch here where I get rosemary panini sandwitch. Alla (the wife) is a courteous host and happens to be a linguist and I had some lovely discussions with her. As a token of gratitude, we had our armenian coffee (which is much like the turkish one except a wee bit lighter and made in the samovar style). In the end, we took a tasseographic way of trying to explain her future by pouring my coffee grounds in my saucer and associating it to her.Told that she would do really well.Really, I wish she makes great strides in her life. While we miss her, I would also like to see that she does very well in her career. Just like we dont work for the same employer all our lives, I think restaurant owners like Njdeh and Alla, also strive for something better in their life and I think this couple is trying to move to the next level. All the Best!

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