Saturday, June 23, 2007

How Green is My Valley

Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear
--- Metallica in "I Disappear".
Its time for me to say adieu to California in general, but the valley in particular. I am moving to the New England area for a new gig out there in corporate :)

However, the last one week, a constant question has been "Why?". Honestly, I dont know. I usually dont know why I do some things but what I know is that some things feel neccesary to be done and that necessity doesnt follow logic. Probably a better apology for an answer can be on the lines of this post. As the author says there, it is necessary to move in order keep the central nervous system on its toes

I shall miss many a people here,who were my support system (my new place has none), and its been a great fun ride coming here and doing my thing.The valley is sprucing up green again, with more venture money pouring into local companies, people are very hard to find for staffing needs and other indicators showing a healthy return to those heady days of the boom. If so, I shall miss it when that wave rises..Till then Ciao!

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