Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Past Time

I always imagined Golf to be a "leisure class" sport.Now, I realize its got more to offer in terms of challenge that most other sports. I am an addict to the game as I play 9 holes on wednesday morning and a full blown 18 hole on saturday evenings. The more you practice it, the better you are but still far from being consistently good. Keyword in golf is consistency.

Thanks to playing the game, now I understand some of the subtelities the master has incorporated in his works like "The Heart of a Goof". Switching gears here, please go watch Cheeni Kum as its one of the most mature romances filmed in Bollywood. Totally loved it and in particular the interaction between Amitabh and Tabu.(Has some non-sequiturs cleverly intertwined with fallacious logic just to make a point).

[begin random rambling]

In India, we are used to the concept of power-cut or better a scheduled power cut like every day between 7pm-8pm in a given geography. Now, this was a time of cable televisions were on the ascendant and people sorely missed television. But, there is an upshot to all of this: No other event built communities the way these power-cuts did. Mom, used to schedule cutting the veggies while chatting with neighboring aunty who was making the atta/rolling them chappatis..
I used to simply go out an dplay with the rest of the beighboring kids. Our pressure of the power-cut was to be creative in our games (since batteries can last only so long) like those depending on your voice. Young teenagers goofed away to do whatever they did at that time. Middle aged fellows listened to their favorite radio stations and occasionally we sung at the top of our lungs to compete with those songs. Older women simply started reciting verses and stories..Sometimes, I wish for a power-cut to better know the community I am living in..

[end random rambling]

Now, instead of TV, my latest time is spent playing the challenge at WorldGolfTour


Unknown said...

and i just got a p990i and its got vijay singh PGA on it, now i am hooked - any waiting time anwyhere is spent on it! and i cant understand why Vijay drives 250 yards and my drive is only 200...how will i ever get an eagle?

Paddy said...

by simply practicing..try hitting the ball on the top instead of th middle for more yardage. also depends on your swing mechanics (full versus 3/4). and then there is the critical part of timing it..depending on the weight of the driver and wind, timing determines yardage

the grip also matters..do you use interlock? once you take care of those things, club face and wind are the final factors to take into account..

The Black King said...

Aah... thats actually an interesting idea... a power cut can bond people well.