Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Finally trying to settle down after the "moving" experience of relocation. Its painful as you grow old as you gotta do all the stuff yourself. I have never lived by myself all these years and this is the first time I am coming to terms with the meaning of "alone" (mind you, not to be confused lonely) and suddenly realized that I was a spoilt li'l brat whom the world has indulged with more than his fair share of people. Now, all those movies when looked at a certain vantage point make sense. Cleaning up the apartment and headed out in the city, I suddenly feel like robinson crusoe marking his points on the island. A rental car shop there, barber close by, three good bars in the vicinity, desi grocery shopping is proximate, taxicabs everywhere and subway station nearby. Bus stop at the door. A bunch of churches around right from mary of the anunciation to that of greek orthodox (albeit the episcopal one rings every hour)

I am writing this post after buying Internet access at a local cafe. Have to live without the net for the next one week (gasp!) as the cable fellow takes his own sweet time to install for me. No free WiFi like in Mountain View. Only medium then happens to be print as net/cable is out of the door. Caught up on reading like hell. Oh! before I forget, I made a nice list of biographies for major scientific luminaries

Galileo : "The Stargazer" (translation from Hungarian by some Tanyi/Paul Tabori)
Oppenheimer: "Oppenheimer" by Abraham Pais
Kepler: "The Watershed" by Arthur Koestler
Gauss: Carl Frederich (translated from swedish original of albert froderberg)

I am yet to read one of Newton's and then a certain chain would be complete. Good for me. Back to the chores, like washing dishes (no more dishwasher for me). Its almost like cleaning my soul and preparing it for a new sense of freedom. Happy 4th of July to all you folks..


Shruthi said...

Being alone is not so difficult, might be a boon most of the time :), just kidding. Been reading your blog for a long time but never left a comment. You write really well.I am Pri's friend and thats how i found your blog.

Paddy said...

Hiya! Its been ages since I have seen a comment and you posted one when I was least expecting it. Welcome to my lair :) Danke Schoen!

Coming to the matter of being alone I am coping rather well and is a matter of adaptation.

Let me know where in NJ are you located, so I can drop a Hi on my way to Virginia

Shruthi said...

Hey Paddy,
I live in this place called Edgewater in NJ. Let me know how i could get in touch with you.

Paddy said...

hey shruti,

click on my name on this comment and my profile shall have email link. once I get your email we have a channel of communication:)

am gonna call up pri sometime tonight

Shruthi said...

Give my regards to pri!!I did not realize i could find ur email. How dumb!!!! will write soon. take care.