Friday, July 20, 2007

On Politics

Fundamentally politics is a framework (more like a scaffolding) in my sense of the definition rather than a process or accepted system. I kept hearing this word many times in the last 1-2 weeks and that everytime the utterance was implicating a negative context rather than a neutral or positive one. The more I thought of of it, the more I see the concept hijacked by the word these days (much like the word "hacker") to mean a maligned instinct.

Why the bad connotation? I dont get it. I thought it was meant to be in place when a society acquires scale and there has to be a way to for people to get along well whilst serving something that they might not always be aware of. In general its more like a statistical goodness for overall population rather than profiting a single individual but some decisions like promoting an individual due to his merit (so that he can serve greater good of the entity) are inerpreted as being politics at play by those who couldnt vest the same power.

"Power" has many definitions like imposing your will in the face of all other but to me it might be an effect.I think Power is a function of information and the fellow who knows the most about something/someone rather than anyone else about something/someone is the most powerful. So I know more about you and the organization/product than you knowing about me+organization+product means that there is a power imbalance between us. (its a different issue if I act on the information or not, so you might wanna rephrase my argument as a requiem for power than raw power itself)If we share the same page then thats excellent as we become peers. ( Thats why move to p2p systems as we know more about systems than the client-server..cheeky one, I know)

Anyhow its fun to listen to people when they have grapevine. Says so much about themselves and I quite amuse myself listening to all versions of each (you have to be neutral to get such an opinion or else you'll be told what you wanted to hear) . I am really glad to be wherever I am..

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