Thursday, September 06, 2007


Sometimes I wonder how much the character of a city has got to do with forging relationships. Some cities are very conducive and some less so. I grew up in a city where it was all possible to bond with varied sections of the society with much thanks to the democratic nature of an irani tea shops which served as a brooding ground for many of my generation. First ingredient for a city to make possible is to give a standard fixture distributed throughout the place where one can more importantly sit and chat rather than simply with the aim of having tea/coffee and leave.

In better words of Sahir here's what Hyderabad equally stands for (%s/Lucknow/Hyderabad and %s/Avadh/Deccan to get what I mean)

Ye Laknau Ki Sar-zameen ...
Ye Laknau Ki Sar-zameen
Ye Rang-roop Ka Chaman
Ye Husn-o-ishq Ka Vatan
Yahi To Vo Muqaam Hai
Jahaan Avadh Ki Shaam Hai
Javaan-javaan Haseen-haseen
Ye Laknau Ki Sar-zameen

Shabaab-o-sher Ka Ye Ghar
Ye Ahl-e-ilm Ka Nagar
Hai Manzilon Ki God Mein
Yahaan Har Ek Rah-guzar
Ye Shahar Laaladaar Hai
Yahaan Dilon Mein Pyaar Hai
Jidhar Nazar Uthaaiye
Bahaar Hi Bahaar Hai
Kali-kali Hai Naazaneen
Ye Laknau Ki Sar-zameen

Yahaan Ki Sab Ravaayaten
Adab Ki Shaahakaar Hain
Ameer Ahl-e-dil Yahaan
Gareeb Jaan-nisaar Hain
Har Ek Shaak Par Yahaan
Hain Bulbulon Ki Chah-chahen
Gali-gali Mein Zindagi
Kadam-kadam Pe Kah-kahen
Har Ik Nazaara Hai Dilnasheen
Ye Laknau Ki Sar-zameen
Ye Laknau Ki Sar-zameen ...

Nibhaayi Apani Aan Bhi
Badhaayi Dil Ki Shaan Bhi
Hain Aise Maharabaan Bhi

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