Monday, September 03, 2007


A very good pal of mine just got married on August 31 thus leaving me all alone as the only single guy in our group. While I wanted to visit India for this and all that jazz, things happened in a way that I wasnt expecting. Here's something written by Lamartine that should echo in your heart.

On these white pages,
where my verses unfold
May oft a souvenir,
perchance your heart recall
Your life also only pure white pages behold
With one word,happiness,
I would cover them all
But the book of life is a volume all sublime
That we cannot open, or close just at our time
On the page where one loves,
one would wish to linger
Yet the page where one dies,
hides beneath the finger

All the Best Murali! You know what I wish...More on that later

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