Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Do Men Went?

I can quote tons of literature where the question of "What do Women Want?" is the key and none of them can agree upon the answer and is supposed to be one of those mysteries even beyond divination of gods and what not..

My problem is this: Does that mean Men have already figured out what they want? Is it a solved problem and the answer is known and it is so boring that no one wants to deal with it by insulting us in literary forms and stuff? Dont know. Cant seem to find too many people agonizing over the details. I am most certain that the answer is "Women" and hence so much attention to what women want (if they wanted men the problem would have been resolved but apparently they dont and if they do only when a blue moon occurs on the seventh tide of an island in pacific thats intersecting both Indian and atlantic oceans while submerging occassionally).

Damn! That hurts..(It hurts because Ignorance does not count as a point of view) and I cannot do anything about it.Probably just roll with the punches.


Anonymous said...

hi, ran into your blog through a series of fortunate links....

Belonging to the "unfair" sex... I will take a stab at responding to your post. NOTE: My anonymous post also grants me the license to generalize.

The reason for the question:- men's wants and needs are simple and straightforward - sex, food, money, sleep, power and so on... not in that order all the time.

Hence it is rather easy to figure men out... the ones you can't figure out are either gay [1] or confused [2] (the latter being the category that I perhaps belong to - I'm sure my wife would second that).

Contrast that with women's needs and the number of constraints that need to be factored in for any choice. Complex.

Since men's need often involves women in some way, shape or form, we are thereby inquisitive about what women want...

P.S. I was browsing articles on "the world this week"... that lead me to your post

[1] - am not saying that negatively - simply indicating that the feminine side in them perhaps makes them think along multiple axis moreso.

[2] I suspect this is a minority group...

Paddy said...


You win the award of the best anon comment for this month :)

Agree. What do you do at Emory University? Grad School or Teach?