Monday, December 15, 2008

Shorting India

Here's a very different take on recent attacks by Ms. Roy
First off, the chord she strikes is very resonant with another favorite author of mine: Meena Alexander.
Second, The significance of TV is underscored which was absent from other discourses on the attack
Finally, a key takeaway that emerges from the essay is that we have everything necessary to solve the problem except the 'will' to do so.

Some quotes to get you to read the whole monograph:
"We've forfeited the rights to our own tragedies."

"That war isn't on TV. Yet. So maybe, like everyone else, we should deal with the one that is."

"Though one chapter of horror in Mumbai has ended, another might have just begun. Day after day, a powerful, vociferous section of the Indian elite, goaded by marauding TV anchors who make Fox News look almost radical and left-wing, have taken to mindlessly attacking politicians, all politicians, glorifying the police and the army, and virtually asking for a police state."

"If Kashmir won't willingly integrate into India, it's beginning to look as though India will integrate/disintegrate into Kashmir"

"A country where the line between the underworld and the Encounter Specialists virtually does not exist. "

If 10 men can hold off the NSG commandos and the police for three days, and if it takes half a million soldiers to hold down the Kashmir valley, do the math. What kind of Homeland Security can secure India?
"One sign says "Justice," the other "Civil War." There's no third sign and there's no going back. Choose. "

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