Friday, December 19, 2008

Version Two

I got a new car but that raised a few questions among my friends saying I sould have done otherwise. I could mention  a few practical reasons ( which would have made Warren Buffett happy) but geberalising it, I would resort to that fact philosophically as follows:

"among horses, those of the finest breeding, which are the most spirited and mettlesome, become the most useful and the best horses if they are broken in as colts; and if they are not broken in, they are intractable and very poor. ... It is the same thing with [people] of the finest breeding, that is to say the bravest in soul, and the best able to carry out what they undertake. If they are educated and learn what they must do, they become the best and most useful, and they do the greatest and the most good. The uneducated and untaught become the most evil and the most harmful, for they do not know how to judge what they should do. They often take part in evil undertakings and, because they are high-spirited and energetic, they are very hard to restrain and very stubborn; therefore they do the greatest evil."

 -- Xenophon, "Recollections of Socrates", Bk. 4, Chap. 1,  

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