Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh

I never had a refund during the tax season but then never had to pay back a lot either. I just did my taxes to realise that I owe Uncle Sam a lot this year thanks to my allowances (somehow I was considered "married" and hence the tax rate was less). Now that I am not married and single, I have to make up for those extra stuff. Crap! Singles are penalised way too much methinks. Anyhow, then I was thinking, am I the only guy to spend small fortunes on restaurants and bars. A little digging shows up this very insightful graph which kinda gave me an assurance that I am not way off the charts (at the same time by Indian standards I am not doing too well either). But the most beautiful part of the attached picture is to look at the "consumption of utility adoption curve". Look at Phone and Electricity took more than a few decades whereas a cellphone does the miracle in one.Whoa!

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