Thursday, February 07, 2008


Always thought it was a hard problem for indic languages and whatever little things worked, I wasnt terribly happy with the rendering,font,anti-aliasing and stuff like that. Many people however gladly put up with it though (thats what we are known for)

Now, the search is over. I give it up to Google's Indic Transliteration.

I tested it for my native languageand you can try Tamil,Malayalam and Hindi as well.

Some random stuff that I typed in english and you can clearly see the quality of the output is pretty high (or my bar of quality is real low, you know):

మండల మేలే నొక్క ద్విజ మాత్రుడు శత్రువులు మంత్రులై రానం
నీకు ఈ కుత్సిత భావము కలుగ నేరుచున భావడుపయావుగ్యమైన నృప భారము వహింపు సఖ్యమ?
మా తాతలు నేతులు తాగేరు, మా మూతుల వాసన చూడండి

Had the guys at Telusa had this kind of utility, I can only imagine their discussions would have only deepened (on the contrary, these academics could have equally come up with their own but Google does what they do best)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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