Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paper, Eggs, Tomatoes and Stones

Sometimes I feel like going back to an Indian village to watch puppet shows,orchestra, harikatha or something. Anyone outside from a village can understand that the typical villager is fairly demanding in his time and if the so called "show" really sucks then they dont hesitate to let their expectation be known and expect improvement. Despite such a hint, if things dont improve, expect rotten eggs and tomatoes (wonder who stores them and distributes to the locals?) thrown in your face.

If an third world village has such stringent demands, what about first world web developers? At a recent conference they waited 50 minutes before launching their revolt and taking over the interview. I would have raised that question within the first 15 minutes (C'mon, how can someone tolerate the host who simple seems to be suited for something else..I amlost broke my screen in frsutration...) Here is it for your viewing pleasure (I like the Viddler site as it allows you to tag videos precisely at certain points and you can see comments as the host flirts with the interviewer..). Watch it for first 10 and last 10 minutes only (if you watch the rest you will be traumatised, I assure you)

(..just wished they threw pens/notepads or something like that but then civility demands a line drawn somewhere..)

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