Thursday, March 06, 2008

Remarkable Self-Awareness

Elephants were alwys one of my favoritest animals around (if I ever had a pet that would be a baby elephant) and recently did read about Elephant Intelligence but what struck me as odd was their remarkable ability to be self-aware meaning that they recognise that it is them when they see a mirror which is very very essential for consciousness and other interesting abilities which sets humans apart. But this video today confirmed all those thoughts


Sumedha said...

It's suprising that this video isn't well-known. I wish I had a pet elephant :)

Paddy said...

Well, it is well known for those scouring information regarding elephants but I get your point: one of the ways to popularise it in a way is to spread the word around personally (and blog it)..

>I wish I had a pet elephant :)

Think also about the dietary requirements unlike a gold fish you need tons of grass and vegetation..But the joy of riding one makes up for all that I guess..