Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Someone accused me of trying to steal someone else's girl at a party last week. I met the crowd again today to supply them the context to clear myself of this misgiving. This was really hilarious because why would you ask a third person in a relationship unless you are insecure about your own relationship. Come on!

Anyways the best statement I gave was the following (other than the fact that I come from a third-world country and english is not my native language):

"My manners as judged by occidental standards may not be upto the mark. However, that does not mean I dont have any manners. I have my oriental manners intact .."

This is what happens when you live in a society where the "coolness" factor is judged by some archaic European standards. What tells you that it is better than the current Asian standards? Dont give me the shiitake of "In Rome, do like romans do.." in which case all the talk about "diversity"/"melting pot" stuff is all baloney!

When I choose platforms that I work on, I deliberately choose something where is eay to get stuff installed ("apt-get" in Ubuntu and "ports" in FreeBSD) exactly because I dont want to go through the crap of rpm install or some other esoteric package install. Similarly, now in life, I need to choose a society which makes it easy for me to do what I want and not neccesarily mold me to do what it wants!

But it erupted me in laughter when I heard the allegation! (Its a different thing that I downed 5 triple filtered draft Chimays before I did that)

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