Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Its time to go!

“This separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, if a stubborn one.” - Albert E.

I have always had a mysterious and deep rooted approach to the concept of "time" that all of us take for granted is real. I have this booklist which I dearly wanted to finish but scraped a few things off the list. The problem is that these things border on philosophical and religious lines that its easy to get swayed and I did get away into those territories as well.

But I wanted to share a recent gem that I have stumbled upon. Its popularly called as Wheeler-DeWitt equation. I dont understand all the math behind the equation but its fascinating for me in terms of its implications for our universe.Qualitatively Dr. John Wheeler and Dr. Bryce DeWitt described a ensemble of all possible universes into a "metaspace", if you will, that exists for a brief period before collapsing into something. Its like an electron which can be anywhere in a cloud but because you are observing it collapses into a wave or particle. Of course Albert E famously quipped

"I cannot believe that the Moon exists only because a mouse looks at it." ?

Now Time, like God, is either necessary or nothing; if it disappears in one possible universe, it is undermined in every possible universe, including our own. So if you start at the beginning: Which came first: the universe, or the law governing it? or both at the same time??

The Wheeler-DeWitt equation seems to live in what physicists have dubbed "metaspace," which like a power set of all spaces.a sort of mathematical ensemble of all possible universes, ones that live only some minutes before collapsing into black holes and ones full of red stars that live forever, ones full of life and ones that are empty deserts, ones in which the constants of nature and perhaps even the number of dimensions are different from our own.

Our own universe is similarly spread out over all of superspace until it is somehow observed to have a particular set of qualities and laws.Now comes the question of who's watching the watcher? Or rather to understand this oicture you need to step out of it

Dr. Wheeler has suggested that one answer to that question may be simply us, acting through quantum- mechanical acts of observation, a process he calls "genesis by observership.""The past is theory," he once wrote. "It has no existence except in the records of the present. We are participators, at the microscopic level, in making that past, as well as the present and the future." In effect, Dr. Wheeler's theorizes that we are collectively God and that we are always creating the universe

So, there you go. My belief that time is a fiction is further strengthened. (atleast its know not to be on the Planck Scale)

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