Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Nice Saturday Recommendation

I found a quiet turqoise blue covered book completely by serendipity after my disastrous attempt in learning to do ice-skating at the commons. Its a sheer delight thats to be read and completely savored like that of Maxwell's Coffee (good to the last drop!) . For example do you know Nabokov was a serious lepidoterist or how Coleridge and Lamb were such good friends among other nice and smart perspectives (I didnt till I read this book) :whiffling,matutinal,iridule,torquated,finials,suprachiasmatic,simulacrum,clerihews,somnifacient,coquets,oleaginous,sere,scapegrace,ocelot,omphalous

In the meanwhile the following movies are vying for the same attention that I give to this book

The Searchers
Salt of the Earth

Have a Nice Weekend!

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