Monday, January 21, 2008

A Pearl of Wisdom

I mined an old gem from his older blog today and trust me sometimes it is possible to get high and ROTFL when reading his posts. Mercurial is the only word that I can think of applying to the thought patterns he has..You dont need to be a techie to appreciate the beauty of these lines

When you write a compiler, you lose your innocence. It's fun to be a shaman, knowing that typing the right conjuration will invoke the gods of the machine and produce what you hope is the right computation. Writing a compiler slays the deities, after which you can no longer work true magic. But what you lose in excitement, you gain in power: power over languages and over language-related tools. You'll be able to master new languages rapidly and fearlessly. You may lose your blind faith, but you gain insight into the hauntingly beautiful machinery of your programs. For many, it deepens their real faith. Regardless, it lets them sit at the table with their peers as equals.

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