Monday, January 28, 2008

Zimbly South!

This is lovely fodder for our junta back home in Hyderabad where Chiru fans beat up Rajasekhar aftersome random guy asked him if he would join Chiru's party (Did anyone find out where this guy actually came from and what his motivation was in asking such a question?) and our fellow happily answered "No! He doesnt have any experience". Little did he know the consequence of that statement. A movie star trying to enter politics and his followers already take up arms against a single statement.Interesting! Truly disgusting reaction given some one is entering politics.

Its interesting because of the local dynamics (this wouldnt make sense outside of south quite honestly). First off, free speech is to be defended and people routinely make such comments against national leaders like Sonia Gandhi and international leaders (you know who.) but if you say something about a local honcho you are in big trouble as people tend to be more gung ho about it. That apart, when the apologies came in, the victims were doing typical media milking to ensure maximum leverage from such an incident (there wont be too many opportunities like this quite honestly). So the culture of media whipping up frenzy among public is now mainstream. (Note to self: next time figure out the pviot point of such local media which can make a mountain out of a molehill). Secondly, I dont worry about the banality of such situations but think about what we call "leadership" and "culture" and abstract the issue further (because it will help maneuver)

Well, why do I go through all this local drama? Because, I always have a fascination for the subtleties of leadership and the above videos talk about "this thing is not our culture" . Well, it always has been an indian thing till Gandhi showed up.The best template for such issues to be resolution is the Chauri Chaura incident where a violent mob razed the local police station to ashes (many people claim that this put the freedom movement back a decade and one of the most controversial pieces of his judgement) and Gandhi took this decision of calling off the "non co-operation movement unilaterally (no Working Committee involvement) ).Click on the above link to read what kind of "responsibility" a true leader would actually feel if such a thing were to happen.Here's the snipper

Stopping the non-cooperation movement following Chauri Chaura was one of Gandhi’s most significant acts — a cleansing of the body politic, in effect. Years later, despite several heapings of criticism, from being called a confused man to being called a British lackey, he did not waver on the correctness of the decision. Writing in 1928, he said, “[to] this date I have felt that I have served the country by calling off the non-co-operation movement. I am confident that history will look upon it as a form of perfect satyagraha and not as an act of cowardice.“

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