Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Enigma Of Departure

Its a strange thing working your last two weeks after giving a notice to your current employer of your intentions to defect to another company. You just cannot feel like the work you do is a routine everyday work. You have to reject new prPeople say Life is all about moving on, but I observe thats seldom true.From what I see Life is hanging on to what you got and nourishing it and carefully growing with it, not radically movng away from a thing that has held you so far.

A employee-employer relationship is kinda like marriage and I have announced to break-up.Not being in any break-ups before, I dont know how to react.I react sadly to leave back all that you have built (your work, your relationships,etc) but excited to know that I would be building again from scratch. Te more I think of this impending move, the more I feel rejuvenated.

Another point that struck me as overwhelming was the amount of "love" that I was showered upon announcing my departure. The first words out of people's mouth was "I would miss you".(Not all people mean it but the majority of them did come across as visualizing some sense of my absence). Apparently I wasnt aware of my own importance and the value I bring to an organization till I chose to move on.I see some fairly high ups of the hierarchy stooping down to talk me into staying with the firm.They are trying to understand and accomodate my every quirkiness that leads to the severance of our bonds. Its simply breathtaking to see my "most respected" business woman pull all strings available to her just to prevent me breaking away from the pack.She has all my admiration and my supervisors all my respect, yet I gotta hang my shoes (Do I come across as arrogant and an obstinate Child to them? Maybe.But thats definitely not my intention).

I know people do this thing fairly routine in the industry I work with but still, this being my first job in my career takes away some certitude of the "right" feeling. The good part is the vote of confidence that I would be doing all right, helps ride me this wave of uncertainity.

I am ready to fly away from this cocoon. I hope the yarn I leave behind will make it into a fabric of silk for someone.Its my choice of timing and I will stick by it.


Hirak said...

Good luck!

Paddy said...

Thanks Hirak. I will need all the luck in the world for this new endeavor :)

Geetanjali said...

All the best with this new step you've taken! I'm sure it will work out for the best - besides i believe the babes out west are HOT;) Maybe you'll find that bahu your folks are pushing you towards...or maybe not the bahu THEY want, but a bahu nevertheless;-)

Paddy said...

Thanks Gee. I didnt know the west-coast-hot-chick-theory.Wow! I dont know but sounds good to me (I mean not only do I get to do my stuff but also get the girl)