Sunday, March 06, 2005

Westward Ho!

"Westward Ho" written by Charles Kingsley that tells a tale of a child growing up and taking to sea during the period of Elizabeth I and finally climaxes with the protoganist finding some love in the middle of a clash with the formidable spanish armada.

That Apart, I am finally decided to relocate to the US West Coast to take up another gig.Before the Silicon Valley made its mark on this coast it is very well known for risk takers like the early outlaws (ahh! the westerns) , the gold rush of 49, and the likes.It is sometimes said that the West Coast is populated by people whose ancestors were continually willing to take the risk of leaving everything they knew and move West ... until they couldn't go any further, and here they are.California.

There are plenty of risk-takers and innovators elsewhere,too. I am told there are a *lot* of people around the valley wlling to try something different.( I am not alluding to THAT but that too). Good reasons for me to to do this at this point in my life. Wish me luck.


gvenum said...

Congrats Paddy. Welcome sto unny land.
Will this protoganist comeacross similar findings? lets wait and watch..Coming this blogs on your blogroll.!!!

Paddy said...


Thanks! Instead of the sea-faring adventures of my childhood adventure strories, I am moving places via air and instead of adventure, I find comic tragicness.Let me see if this spell continues.