Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hocus Pocus

You are presented with a product picture in one frame, dynamic questions in the other frame. Lets say the picture is of a dog food box in left frame and the right frame asks you the question - "Do you like the new packaged box pic in the right frame?". The backend software rotates the box in the left pane. Online audience will answer what they felt like."Describe how you feel about the new Munchies box with one word". Another piece of software quickly tallies the string literals.
After a few seconds of thinking the moderating piece of software asks the next questions - "Munchies seems to make you either powerful, flatulent, or powerfully flatulent. Which one describes how you feel the best?" And so on.You should get this drift by now.Dynamic reaction on the fly and this is the essence of an online focus group.Except that no one seemed to care if the dogs like the food or not.

The above mentioned demo is exactly what our newest competitor product is doing,kind of like a remote usability lab.Their marketing has a pompous name to it which I forget (Thats Okay considering that I am not a part of their 'target audience'). As you could see our competitor just 'pushed the envelope'. I use the phrase in a very loose sense given that in the world of aeronautics, the envelope is the collection of curves that describe the maximum performance of an aircraft. To push the envelope is to take the aircraft to the edge of what it was designed to do and try and take it beyond.

Anyways, We got into this field with a recent acquisition of a market research company and it would be interesting to see how that group in my firm responds to this.


Primalsoup said...

One of the fundamental principles that guides any self-respecting market research firm is that, one does all things possible to outdo competition in terms of complex methodology!
Simple people, with simple pleasures you see! :)

Paddy said...

If you say so. :)

I know next to nothing about those things. The market research section yields complex answers to simple questions like "Why do customers leave my site?". On the contrary my groups tries to simplify a complex problem such as "Why is my Site Slow?"

Poets and Physicists, at a broad level :)