Monday, February 28, 2005

2004 Movie Roundup

The Oscars were presented last night leaving me with the feeling that its the tip of the iceberg with a lot more goodie movies under the glacier.Anyways compiled a subset of movies to check off during the course of the year.( I frequently scratch my head at the video store trying to figure what to rent. I will use keep updating this post for instant decisions next time.)

0. The Dreamers
1. Finding Neverland
2. The Door in the Floor
3. Look at Me (French)
4. Closer
5. The Last Shot
6. The Sea Inside

Of course this is apart from the good ones I've seen like Before Sunset, Some Spanish movie whose name I couldnt recollect, The Incredibles, Sideways and some others which I cant recollect now.


Sumedha said...

You might try this one too:
'A Very Long Engagement' :-)

Paddy said...

Thank You.I will definitely look for it.

Geetanjali said...

:-) That's an interesting list. You know Finding Neverland was screened at PIFF, but i opted out of it in favour of a French film (obviously) - I believe ppl were quite touched with the's been made by debutant directors na?

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