Saturday, February 05, 2005

Art of Motoring II - Grace in Driving

This is in continuation of part one

You're never a motorer than when you are surrounded by drivers.But perhaps other drivers will take your cue and begin to motor themselves.Because at any moment drivers can become motorers.They dont need a car.It is possible to motor on a tractor.Of course its possible to go swimming with all your clothes on, but it's not the best way to do things.

If you are going to motor, motor in a strange and wonderful alchemy of steel,aluminum,graphite,dreams and sweat.Motor in something built by designers who use pencil and paper instead of computers.By designers who listened to their hearts not focus groups.

If you are using a parking meter and you see a meter maid in the vicinity writing tickets,check to see if the meters for the cars parked near you have expired.If so, drop in some change.Just enough for a few more minutes and time to let the cop pass.Dont hesitate to look out for someone just because you'll never meet them.Sometimes you dont help someone for gratitude but to keep them from having a bad day. Motorers look out for one another.At a toll booth on days when you're feeling particularly motoresque, consider paying the toll for the car behind you.Not because you are saving them from something but because it feels good to put a smile on somebody's face. You've just given them a story to tell their friends. And all it cost you was a few cents. Who knows? May be they'll return the favor to another driver and become motorer's themselves.

While one can easily motor by themselves, the company of others often adds to the experience. And when friends are unavailable,remember, dogs love to motor.Never underestimate the value of a co-pilot. A passenger's suggestion may lead to a more interesting route than what you had in mind . And there's no such thing as a bad idea.A motorer understands that on any given street amazing things can happen.However this idea is not so altruistic as to claim the stereo is now open to everyone.Let's not get carried away here.The owner still has the final say when it comes to sound system and retains all veto power even when another passenger has been placed in temporary charge.Anything else would be anarchy.

Motorer's strive to be accomplished commanders of their cars.Of course, they're not born with the gift.Moves have to be practiced. Skills must be honed.While average drivers shy away from parallel parking,motorers jump at the chance.Its an opportunity to shine- to be so dead-on accurate that people on the sidewalk toss them a compliment.The same principle of perfection holds true for cars with a clutch. There's no no shame in practicing. Fill a cup of water and place it on the dash.Practice until your moves are so smooth and steady that not a drop of water spills.No certificates will deem you a master motorer.Only a fluid shift.Or a textbook parking maneuver.Or an apex climbing turn. Or a graceful lane change.

+ve to +ve,-ve to -ve, start your car, start the car with a dead battery.A motorer could recite these steps in his or her sleep.Motorer's ears perk up when someone walks through their office asking for jumper cables. Together with their car they get to play hero.They take pride in the fact that during the process of connecting their car to a car in need, they donate a li'l bit of their car's life.A car may never be able to give blood but there will always be the jump start.Even when you are the only one motoring in your car, you wont be alone.Any journey you take, your car will be with you.And it'll let you know how its doing and whats its ready for.A car's brain is continously analyzing the way you motor and tells you when its time to take it to the pit stop. If the car had a mind you would be able to read works both ways.On a proper stretch of road, you'll feel as though your car is reading your mind.

Remember the first day you got your license? That was some good motoring.Stripe it.Chrome it.Dashboard figurine it.Fuzzy-dice it.Whitewall it.Hyraulicize it.Trick it.Shiny-mama-mud-flap it.License plate frame it.Number plate it.Hula girl it.Graduation-tassel on board it.Decal it.Paint it.Bumper sticker it.Window sticker it.Nothing it.Do whatever to it. You wont hurt the manufacturer's feelings.Everybody wants their car to say something different about them.It only makes sense that what it says about us be left to us.

And never underestimate the power of bumper sticker.Its your personal bill board.Given the impulse people have of reading bumper sticker on a car in front of them, it becomes a message to every driver who will ever be behind you. You have the power to make them smile. To make them think.To make them like you.Or to piss them off. Choose wisely.

Even though a car is great when it's in motion, dont for a minute think that you have to be moving to motor. If you're at a stoplight flirting with someone in the next car, you're motoring.If you are pulling a cooler out of the trunk at a tailgate party, you are motoring.If you're in your driveway looking up the stars through your sunroof, you are motoring. And if you're parked in your car making out, you're definitely motoring. All you need is a motoring spirit. So find yours, stop reading this and let's motor.

The name of the Car is Mini. and I have taken some liberties in editing the text suitably so as to mention Car in place of Mini. for a heightened suspension and failed :-)

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