Saturday, February 05, 2005

Music of the Day

Raj left for India to get married.Wonder why people need to marry? Anyways was just lazing around the house today.Listened to Music whole day with occasional outings for food and coffee.

Music grabs of the day

Channa Vey by Kunal Ganjawla - This track has some mystic quality.The guy simply croons with the mike with no balle balle kind of stuff. I cant catch much punjabi(despite living in Jalandhar) but essentially very melodious.Struck as a very different Punjabi song(has some country beginnings) and haunting.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day - Excellent song . I guess would have liked it even if it were not by Green Day. Reminded me of the lines of Tagore's 'Yadi tor dak shune keu na ase tabe ekla chalo re' (If no one comes to respond to your call, go forth all alone)

Nightie Night!!


Primalsoup said...

Ki Holo! Many thanks for coming by my Blog...

Now I am guessing the "wonder why people need to marry" is meant to be a rhetoric...but I think one of the reason why that happens is that they find someone else who thinks that way and when this time, space and intent conspire... lo viola marriage type carnival happens :)

Punjabi song without Balle Balle? Will wonders never cease... this I must check!

Paddy said...
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Akruti said...

Hello Paddy,thanks for the wonderful words there on my blog:) wonder why ppl need to marry? sigh! ! ! me also thinking abt the same,will answer the day i get the point:)))))) heard abt "ekla chalo re" after a long long time:) and the varied music choices is depicted here,reminds me that music has no boundaries:)
keep coming back to my blog if u find it interesting:) godbless

Primalsoup said...

:) well I swear I did see a reply to my comment and now its kaput!

Technology is someimes too overwhelming...

Paddy said...

[PrimalSoup] Kichu Na! Welcome to my Lair. Yeah! Now that I think about the question it does sound rhetorical (Ah! The power of suggestion.)BTW Did you get to check the song. If so, how do you like it?

> :) well I swear I did see a reply to my comment and >now its kaput!
Well..Er..Whom did you swear by? I guess I have the liberty of deleting my comments on my blog which is what Technology enabled me to do.(Saw them unfit to be visible:)

[Nell] Again! A Warm Welcome to you too. Do not answer that question in public(assuming you find it).That way you might become famous!! I didnt realise "Ekla Chalo" was that popular.Glad to see some resonance there and Yeah! I would drop by occasionally to harass you :)

Primalsoup said...

:) As long as it was not you and me hallucinating I am okay... I very often read things were there is nothing to be read you see!

Am checking song rightaway, hope it doesn't wake me up before i head to wonderland! :)

Paddy said...

>As long as it was not you and me hallucinating I am okay

You sure about that? :)

>hope it doesn't wake me up before i head to wonderland!

Obviously we choose different rabbit holes, or else I would have found you there :)

Geetanjali said...

Ah the M word plagues thee too...sigh, I've never undestood why people won't let others be and allow them to decide when they are ready to tie the knot and with whom...

PS Just back from Bglr, where my 7 yr old neice who can't speak Hindi would keep singing "Channa Vey " with he rown lyrics...cute and very amusing! :-) The song is catchy, whether you understand the lyrics or not...have you heard Bulla ki Jani by Rabbi Shergill?

Paddy said...

[Gee] Yeah! The M word is plaguing me bigtime these days, particularly because all my pals are hookin up.

People doing more out of conformity than out of a drive are kinda insecure methinks.All the more, I think you should feel this is the one rather than sayin, I will egt married.

Glad to have you back.Havent heard Bulla ki Jani by Rabbi Shergill. I will do so now.