Monday, February 21, 2005

The Jaguar Smile

There was a young girl of Nic' ragua
Who smiled as she rode on a jaguar
They returned from the ride
With the young girl inside
And the smile on the face of the jaguar


This is the opening page I have just read from the first edition of "The Jaguar Smile". I guess the Jaguar is a metaphor for the revolution and the young girl a symbol of Nicaragua itself.


Primalsoup said...

Slightly tangential this reminds me of a preface from Liar's Poker...

"Wall Street [reads the sinister old gag] is a street with a river at one end ... and a graveyard at the other. This is striking but incomplete ... it omits the kindergarten in the middle."

Don't ask me what the connection is! :))

Paddy said...

Slightly a Secant question here.

Do you play poker at all?

gvenum said...

5 interviews...Interview with VP ....hmmm...what position are you applying for....CEO...if true I will get in touch with you in few months with my resume:)

Paddy said...

Nah! Just your avergage S/W kinds. Just that people are cautious of making hiring mistakes.When I become CEO and appear on the front cover of Business 2.0, please do send me your profile :)