Saturday, February 26, 2005

Random Things

I see that the word 'random' occurs in most blogs in some or the other context. Sometimes its not really random but probably absolves people of making any connection/relevance.(Atleast I do it for that purpose)

The topic of my favorite randomness is that of a 'fortune cookie'.The ones you find in chinese restaurants at the end of the meal or in your carryout bags. There is an urban myth floating around that says you should append the words "in bed" to every fortune cookie saying.Makes you laugh sometimes. :)

There is a Unix equivalent for this. Simply type in "fortune" on any of the Unix machine you might have access to and you get a nice random quote loaded from a prebuilt datasource. If you are unlucky, It might not work at all ( Go find the SysAd and ask him to enable it. Tell him its very important). In order to write a custom "fortune" program, I have collected some of these papers as my raw data.( I had to eat a lot of chinese even to make a decent collection)

Now my enthusiasm for writing the program faded away because mentally the challenge is over.
I just hit an idea to disburse my fortune sayings collection. I am going to keep one in every library book that I am going to borrow, so that the next patron would have a nice surprise. Far better than the program idea methinks.

Here's to another weekend..


Primalsoup said...

Oh no! Fortune cookie sayings are random! And there is Geeky equivalent to it :O Horrors, horrors! Now I know why all those one's I have been saving away for all these years have never worked! :)
What a nice thought about the library book!

Paddy said...

>Fortune cookie sayings are random!

In the normal sense of calling "random"

> Now I know why all those one's I >have been saving away for all these >years have never worked! :)

I still dont.Why? (I am dense, you see)

>What a nice thought about the library book!

Thanks. I figured it might also serve as a bookmarker too :)

Sumedha said...

Got here via Hirak's blog.
I just had to say this about fortune cookies: if there is a box of them, I pick more than one, usually two or three.
All the cookies I pick at one go have the same saying. This happens nine times out of ten (?).
But the saying doesn't come true; at least, I haven't followed up on any yet :-)

Paddy said...

>Got here via Hirak's blog.
Welcome! Hirak's got a nice one. I have occasionally lurked around yours ('Chemeem' was the last post I guess).

>All the cookies I pick at one go >have the same saying

I guess we dont go to the same restaurants or else your guy seem to order "factory direct" which causes such a repetitive thing.

>This happens nine times out of ten (?).

You've been counting , I see.

>But the saying doesn't come true

I never counted on them being true but would be a good boost if you are mopy and looking around to cheer up. I never had one that told me anythign thats significantly bad. Occasionally they qualify stuff like "Watch Out", etc..

>haven't followed up on any yet :-)

Try experimenting this time.I am sure it would be "interesting".

Thanks for droppin by and Appreciate the time taken for writing a comment :)

Sumedha said...

Hey Paddy,
An interesting post must have its due :-)
BTW, Chemmeen is now history on my blog...