Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ratha Sapthami

In my last call home, my father told me of to bathe praying to sun(with a leaf of a tropical plant which is not available to me) as yesterday was "Ratha Sapthami" and its significance being that Sun's horses change their direction to the north. I translate it as Sun crossing the constellation of Capricorn and getting into Aquarius (You thought Zodiac signs were limitied in their use:).
Essentially this means that seasonally it is time for the countries up North of 23.5 latitude to get their Spring.Its always like this, he prescribes me some ancient ritual and occasionally I try figuring out the significance or the physical meaning of whats being said. More often than not I dont find any explanations.

That brings me to another ritual he was talking about a couple of months back.Its called "Sahasra ChandoDarshanotsavam" which literally means festival-to-commemorate-1000-sightings-of-the-moon.Not simply a moon but a full moon (how many of us go out and watch the full moon despite knowing that fact, but then whom am I to question).

I set to calculate how many full moons past I am.It comes up to 324 and I hardly could recollect 4 instances. While I am at it I calculated that date I would be eligible for this celebration. Comes out to be exactly on February 8,2060.(I would be 82). Buddha is alleged to had his at 80 years. I have this pet theory that the least age for this would be 80 years and at most 84 years (still havent worked out the Math there but am sure could be done.Calendars could be nasty).

I figured watching full moons is not as much a calendrical notion for the 21st century.So let me denote the new calendrical notion that people ought to be more comfortable with should be the concept of a weekend. I counted the number of weekends I have been through so far. Comes to about 1376 as of today.I will imagine the first 300 odd weekends were when I was a kid and hence wouldnt count.So I guess I am going to celebrate crossing my 1000 weekend party this Friday.

I completely lost track of what I started to say, but whatever...On a sidenote there is this wonderful movie by Shyam Benegal's called "Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda" which has a studded ending.


Primalsoup said...

Hey that was very interesting and somewhat confusing for my mostly non existent left brain :)

Ya I liked the movie u mentioned... remember seeing it some moons (errr topical) ago... I was quite in love with Rajit Kapur then...well it happens you know! :)

Paddy said...

Confusing because I wasnt even clear in my rambles.So I wont hold it against any part of your brain :)

I love the ending The seventh horse is the youngest horse and it is also called "Bhavishya Ka Ghoda".

Hmm.Rajit Kapor.So you must have also watched all episodes of "Byomkesh Bakshi" :) But he is quite mature and grown bald in the most recent movie "Ek Alag Mausam" by Mahesh Dattani.

Primalsoup said...

Hmmm, as long as you don't question the existence of the brain I am okay! :)

Yup, saw all episodes of BB, including the re-runs... But that was then and I have since moved on! :)