Thursday, February 03, 2005

Snow and The Handicapped

I live in a country where people occasionally like to pretend they are Physically Handicapped, just to get a Parking Spot.

I saw another Physically Handicapped person trying to negotiate his walk over the thin ice. Even with timberland shoes, I occasionally skid and usually fall atleast once per season. The inclement weather is cruel to those disabled, for whom a fall on the wintry surface could be disastrous.I learned to turn a blind eye since the last time I saw one.

Then again, I wonder where do those guys in the Toll Booths pee.I never see a restroom nearby the toll booth. Good Night!


Geetanjali said...

And why do you turn a blind eye to them?

Paddy said...

[Gee] Because its not a very palatable sight.Here's my thought process on that. Walking on Snow is a memoryless distribution,meaning, just because you have taken 10 steps correctly doesnt imply that the 11th step is a failure. Looking at the pain of a man walking with his crutches on snow is just taking the problem to the next level methinks and hence I choose to steer away from thinking about that by turning a blind eye.