Thursday, February 24, 2005

Good Riddance

Another random stream of ramble thats running in my head

On particular interpretation of Inertia is that it is " The property of an object to resist acceleration. As one of the most basic concepts of physics, it is still poorly understood. It is believed to be a property of bodies primarily due to their interaction with masses at the edges of the Universe." Inertia is measured by Momentum (mass times velocity) .

Anyways, the topic of my concern has to do with Inertia of Lifestyle. Humans, being a creature of habit, like the status quo of their daily humdrum. Talking to people, In realise that inherently people want to make changes to their existing lifestyle but are pre-empted by the local gravity of their environment (read wife,kids,parents or some other intangible bonding that keeps them tied).I believe this field increases in strength as one grows older. (The older you get, the greater mass you accrue and slower you become thus increasing your inertia).This is not a problem for people who consider home is where they park.

"Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road."

Forks always make you think "What is it I really want?" . They make you conscious of the road you left behind and the ground beneath your feet. Reminds you of the richters you survived, shade grown delights you savored, golden sunrises and other things that usually direct your choice at the fork. Its nice to think of those decisions which are made by "you" and not by "reasons". I say this because there are certain decisions, where if I remove the scaffolding of your rationale, you would still stick by your guns. Now those are exactly the calls the decide a particular game in your favor or turn the tables.

Usually a Change is met with a Squirm because of the Uncertainity involved.(Unless you yourself initiated that change Even in that case you still have crossed fingers despite the gut feeling). Most of us just adjust to a change initiated by some or something like environmental factors.( I use the term Environmental very loosely here). I am not saying Change in itself is hard, adapting to the change definitely is, and a good reason for me to stay put rather than rock the boat.

5 years back, I did do something that eventually panned out Okay discounting some minor perturbances. Its that time of the decade for me again.About to do something that has some semblance to my earlier decision except that the stakes are higher this time and the consequences a little harsher than the last time. Nor will I have the support structure that was offered earlier to solace me. Its not as bad as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego walking into fire or something. I guess I will be alright.Just need to shed one more skin here.

"For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredicatable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life"

ps : Lyrics are from a Green Day track of the same title as this post.


Grafxgurl said...

aargh i hate change.. been changing my scenery every 2 yrs ever since i was born and try as hard as i might i STILL havent gottenused to the squirm....its a constant fron that i have to put up to deal with it.. shadrach meshach and abednego had it easy man!!!( lol how blasphemous of me)
(hi) just dropped by...intelligent read!

Paddy said...

Hiya GrfxGrl.For some change is a constant, for some variable depending on your perception

>it.. shadrach meshach and >abednego had it easy man!!!( lol >how blasphemous of me)

Going by the period nature of punishment doled out, you might be want to recall Jezebel's fate for blasphemous stuff:)

Thanks for dropping by.

Geetanjali said...

And they say Change is the only thing constant in life, yet we resist it with all our might, digging our heels in. Sigh, aint we race of dumb ones? *Sitting on her throne she intones this superior sounding shit*

Paddy said...

>Sigh, aint we race of dumb ones?

That depends on where you are coming from :)

>*Sitting on her throne she intones >this superior sounding shit*

Well Said. Good that you said it before I did ;-)

So did the coldness from your inside subside?