Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On The Marriage Game

I have been given the privilege of being the "Kabob Mein Haddi" in the house of a newly wed couple. As it is usually with privileges, you dont know its use unless you abuse it. So here I go abusing it.

Watching the bride and groom in their natural habitat as yielded me some interesting lessons. I wont elaborate in detail (cannot risk being thrown out in my last days here in VA). All you need is to remember 2 important points to help smoothen your transition from a bohemian to that of a married gentleman.

(a) Firstly, Learn to say "Yes, Dear". (It helps to repeat after me.) Practice this early and Practice it often. It can be your most effective weapon in dissuading your spouse from a full fledged warfare that will threaten the domestic harmony

(b) Lastly, It does not pay to think in marriage.If your spouse asks for it, you gotta go get it, even if the deal entails selling your soul. It is not a good reply to say "I dont do Small Talk" to your better half. You gotta get yourself enrolled for a school that will teach you the art of Small Talk which comes in handy when dealing with your senora's relatives.(They are a package deal when you tie the knot)

I know I am not making any new friends with this dispatch but I had to write this stuff down somewere for my future reference as well as to see if I can hopefully help someone out there.

ps: Please deliver your brickbats to my personal email.


Anonymous said...

Very good observations... with these, now you are equipped for the marriage. Let us all know when you decide to take on it.

You know who I am....

perspective said...

Nice observations... I would agree with both of 'em.. not that i am married myself..but a live in relationship has similar learnings

Anonymous said...

aww. such cynical observations. i'm sure your friends will learn to balance each other in some time..
and i guess that requires a lot of no leaving "thinking" at the doorstep..

Anonymous said...

well said...ok..gotta go...she might see this and you know what happens next...


Paddy said...

[Subash] Thank you. I will let you know when I decide upon it.

[Anya] Since the advantage is in your favor, I guess they should look nice but I was being a wee bit satirical there :)

[Pri] As I said to Anya, I do not believe in the statements, they are just some ideas floating around in my head to avert initial marital conflicts.

[RK] Thats why I informed her before I posted this stuff.