Thursday, March 17, 2005

Parting Shot

They agreed to cook up a fight.This was the last time they would be meeting. It was good.They were about to bring the folly of a passion to an end.The reason : sensing a terrible and endless imprisonment,atleast one of them wanted to break free.

They knew they dreamt of something, from which awakening was impossible.There is a grim satisfaction is knowing the secret,in _not_ lifting the last veil because its diophanus communicaton warns you of what befalls once the last veil is removed. He dreamt of a Russian Doll where a doll inside doll inside doll.. Wheels within Wheels as one author wrote.

He promised he wouldnt loook back, yet he does from the accelerating bus. She had a serene grace about her, waving him farewell with her eyelids.His eyes meets her arresting ones and a sense of inescapable longing dawns when they meet.They never troubled at being understood.Now he looks into every passerby's eyes in the vanity of hoping that someone would tell him, her story. Someday she would find him.


perspective said...

wow!! is that a story written by you? or a real life incident metaphorized?

Paddy said...

[Anya] Been a while since I saw you here.My cobwebs from memory tell me that this is a real life incident but I usually dont trust it, so it might as well be a creative story