Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Half a Decade After the Bubble

Five years ago, In John Doerr's words we witnessed the 'greatest creation of wealth' known to mankind. I fondly remember those times when i was in my grad school and saw did see the zeitgeist of that era. Me and My cousin agreed that it was the perfect 'best of the times, worst of the times, age of wisdom and era of ignorance' kind of times.

Even my being in grad school didnt deter potential recruiters from making job offers.At that time, I was fresh off the boat for about 6 months and I was trying to be hired (That should have given me a clue). Those were the times when people who could spell the 4 letter words in IT ,like Unix and Java, would get hired. Those were also the times when weekend used to start on Thursday nights. This was the week in which Nasdaq hit a historic high before the eventual fall.

The rest as we know is history. We didnt seem to learn from the South Sea Bubble, Tulipmania
or the more recent craze of the railways.

There is this interesting blog-athon on the bubble, started by Om Malik, that lays out various perspectives of those wonder years.