Sunday, March 20, 2005

Matters Of The Mind

What's Mind?
No Matter!

What's Matter?
Never Mind!

That was an old AI joke around campus when our project was tring to model a digit recognizer for which we had to design an 'eye' for recognizing numbers on a checkbook. That was renewed when I came across this new (atleast to me) stuff called "The Santiago Theory Of Cognition" whose central insight seem to be

  • Mind is not a thing but a process
  • Mind is a process of Cognition (which is none other than process of life itself)
  • Consciousness is an elaborate form of this process

Wonder what the 'Cartesians' would be thinking now?.

Meanwhile I recommend that you watch "I love Huckabees"


Sagnik Nandy said...

Oh! I loved I heart Huckabees ... never seen a movie which so seriously pokes fun at itself

Primalsoup said...

Digit Recognizer???? Whoa!

Its appropriate that I say, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! :)

Hirak said...

Do you have some links on it?
- Hirak

Paddy said...

[Sagnik] Thanks for correcting the title and I agree with you completely there. I also like linkage of the apparently random things in the movie.

> Digit Recognizer???? Whoa!

Its very easy if you have a Matlab on your hands.If you strictly follow the joke, if you dont mind it does matter :)

[Hirak] Sorry about that.Here are a couple: